How to skip “finding interfaces” at the startup of Wireshark

Sometimes it can happen that the startup of Wireshark is really slow (I have spotted this on windows. At least I cannot remember that I have seen this on an other system, too). In most cases Wireshark has some issues to find the interfaces.  Sometimes it takes  more than 10 seconds

This is really annoying to me as in most cases I just want to analyze some stuff and don’t need the capture functionality of Wireshark.

Wireshark Startup Finding Interfaces

Wireshark startup finding interfaces

But there are some workarounds which can help in this case:

Solution 1:
Don´t install the capture drivers at windows systems.

If you don’t install WinPcap or npcap on this system, than this issue does not occur.

But of course, you can´t take a capture with such a wireshark anymore.

Solution 2:
Start and stop the capture services on windows systems manually.

You can have a look here:

Solution 3:
Opening Wireshark  by double clicking a supported file format

If you open Wireshark indirectly via opening a file (e.g. double click a pcapng file) then wireshark, will skip loading the interfaces, too. As I start Wireshark in most cases directly, this tip does not work often for me.

BugReport 15126, Comment 5

Solution 4:
Disable the interface discovery at startup

Another way is, that you can disable the load of interfaces at the startup process of Wireshark.

You can select “Don´t load interfaces on startup” in the preferences at the following section.

 Edit -> Preferences -> Capture


Don´t Load Interfaces
Disable interface load at wireshark startup

After that Wireshark will skip the load of interfaces at the startup phase.

The yellow background is the warning, that the load of the interfaces has not been done so far.

No loaded interfaces

No loaded interfaces after Wireshark startup

But you can still load the interfaces manually by clicking at:

 Capture -> Load Interface

Or just by pressing the key:

Refresh Interfaces

Refresh Interfaces

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